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HAPevolve Solutions Spotlight: Maximize the Value of Your Used Assets

There are few hospitals that don’t have filled closets, basements, and warehouses with unwanted, used, and surplus items. These items could be making your organization additional revenue and freeing up precious storage space. This week’s HAPevolve Solutions Spotlight features Smart Auctions offered by HAPevolve’s Endorsed Partner, Mazree. Read More...


HAPevolve Staff Member Attends Homeland Security Training

Mary Akyol, manager, client services, HAPevolve (HAP’s solution subsidiary), recently completed a Healthcare Leadership for Mass Causality Incident training offered by the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP), in Anniston, Alabama and operated by the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency. Read More...

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PatientPing Checklist for CMS E-Notifications Condition of Participation Requirements

New CMS Conditions of Participation require all hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and Critical Access Hospitals utilizing an electronic medical records system or other electronic administrative system which is conformant with the content exchange standard HL7 v2.5.1 to make a reasonable effort to send real time electronic notifications. PatientPing has developed a compliance "checklist" to help you determine whether you have a solution in place to meet compliance. Read More...


Predicting COVID-19 Volume for Your Hospital

Predicting COVID-19 volume has become a mission critical effort. But there are many predictive models with widely divergent results. To estimate future COVID-19 volume accurately, you need to choose the best predictive models and set assumptions based on your market and the most up-to-date learnings from other markets. Read More...


WHITE PAPER by Tripp Umbach: The New Economic Design of Healthcare

"We now have clear evidence that improving the health of target populations reduces the cost of providing healthcare services and greatly improves the bottom line of health systems. Conducting an economic impact assessment of community health improvement programs identifies strategic areas of focus for health systems, resulting in the improved fiscal health of their institution as well as the economic and physical health of their community." Read More...

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