HAPevolve Partners with InternU to Help Match Students and Young Professionals with Healthcare Opportunities

InternU, a Pennsylvania-based healthcare career solution, joins, HAPevolve, a subsidiary of The Hospital and HealthSystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP.) This newest Industry partner matches business needs of finding a simple and cost-effective approach to filling job openings; with students and young professionals looking for flexible engagements where they can get meaningful experience while evaluating what suits their interests and talents before climbing the next rung of their career ladder.  
In a perfect world, organizations offering professional experience in desirable fields should easily match with smart young professionals and students who are excited to dip their toe in the water of their future career.  The reality is that filling roles in technology and healthcare environments with qualified and motivated learners is surprisingly difficult.

Today, young professionals have gaps in traditional workplace exposure. Extended focus on formal education, the rise of remote work, and reliance on digital platforms have led to less immersion in traditional workplace dynamics. What’s more, reduced in-person networking and gaps in essential soft skills are blamed for making assimilation into traditional corporate settings a new challenge.  

InternU is a thoughtfully developed system that businesses rely on to match a team of young professionals with opportunities relevant to their career interests while also providing the professional development support essential to worthwhile outcomes.  

The InternU system adheres to the immutable laws of job success and career science.  Partnering with various educational institutions, InternU pre-qualifies students and young professionals, matching them with internal teams based on their formal education and career aspirations. With clients, InternU focuses on key performance indicators (KPIs) and established service level agreements (SLAs), tracks progress, and coaches their resources to ensure client satisfaction.  

InternU’s teams can be supervised directly by the client or operate in a managed services model which includes undergraduates, graduates, and gap year resources paired with senior supervisors who are both experts in the work, and skilled in managing young teams. Whether they are working on-site with clients or in an InternU Experience Center, all InternU team members participate in the program’s professional development training, which acclimates them to professional work environments and sharpens the soft skills that will help them be successful in their careers and in life. 

Since 1991, InternU leadership has been providing technology, healthcare and talent managed solutions to its client partners while providing real-world experience for students and young professionals. 
InternU takes an intelligent approach to delivering positive impact for both clients and young professionals by applying the science of getting jobs done and careers started.  

HAPevolve identifies and creates valuable partnerships with a variety of businesses serving the health care community. By negotiating with its industry and endorsed partners on behalf of the Pennsylvania hospital and health care community at large, HAPevolve can offer HAP members special benefits and discounts on innovative solutions that can save them both time and money. 

To explore how InternU can benefit your organization, contact Lori Mulholland, HAPevolve’s director, business development, or Kara Beem, InternU’s University Relations and Business Development. 

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