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HAPevolve delivers the expertise providers need to address the never-ending list of challenges they face in today’s rapidly changing fiscal and operational environment. Whether via industry leading strategic partners, or accessing the deep expertise of our parent company, The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania, HAPevolve delivers a focused and effective search for solutions across the health care continuum more effective.

Emergency Preparedness

HAPevolve serves as the go-to company nationwide to ensure emergency readiness based on Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Joint Commission, and other accrediting bodies. Are you prepared?

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Supply Chain Optimization

Improve your operational efficiencies with HAPevolve's Endorsed Partner Vizient

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Revenue Improvements

Combining the latest in accounts payment technology and payment disbursement to streamline AP processes and create revenue by using our partner CommerceHealthcare, without changing current banking relationships.

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Compliance Evaluation

HAPevolve team closely monitors emerging and existing regulations and support clients to meet their requirements.

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Analytic Tools and Services

Improve your health care delivery to patients with innovative business intelligence technologies

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Complete Workforce solutions and Employee Benefits through our partners, Qualivis & Alliant

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Featured Product Industry Partnership Program

HAPevolve works collaboratively with our partners to identify the most effective way to build lasting, collaborative, and beneficial relationships. Our ideal partners are those organizations interested in providing quality services and measurable outcomes to our hospital and health system networks.

Latest News

September 18, 2023

A Call to Support the Nation’s Blood Supply

A challenging run of climate-related disasters and a summer donation shortfall contributed to a national blood shortage, the American Red Cross announced earlier this month. The national blood donation organization said the blood supply had fallen to critically low levels since early August, dropping nearly 25 percent. The shortfall threatens medical care for those with emergency needs for blood or who depend on lifesaving blood transfusions, the organization said...

September 15, 2023

Workforce Solutions Spotlight: Reading Hospital – Tower Health

As Pennsylvania ages, many health care professionals are reaching retirement age just as the need for health care is rapidly growing. Hospitals and health systems are leading the way in growing the next generation of health care professionals to care for Pennsylvanians and our communities. This week, Reading Hospital – Tower Health welcomed its new class of high school interns.

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