HAPevolve Solution Spotlight: EnableComp

Rob Powers, Senior Vice President, Client Services of EnableComp joins our Solutions Spotlight series with HAPevolve President Joe Tibbs. EnableComp is a HAPevolve Industry Partner and partners with over 1,000 healthcare providers through the utilization of our proprietary software, Enforcer360, to manage Veterans Administration, Workers' Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident/TPL, Out-of-State Medicaid, and Denials Prevention and Resolution for all payers. Related services cover day 1 outsourcing, A/R resolution, and zero balance recovery. Clients are positioned to ensure maximum and timely reimbursement while improving overall yield, cash acceleration, and decreasing the cost to collect.

For additional information on EnableComp go to https://www.enablecomp.com or contact: Rob Powers, Senior Vice President, Client Services.  To learn more about HAPevolve’s partnership program contact us at info@HAPevolve.com or go to our website @ www.hapevolve.com

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