If you missed the webinars, please read below to see how you can receive the information. Navigating COVID-19: Key Considerations for a Safe Workplace Re-entry

As we have experienced first-hand with COVID-19, the workplace will never be the same again. There will be changes to how individuals commute, enter their workplace, interact with coworkers, manage tasks, travel, and more. In a COVID-19 world, navigating the return to work may have unfamiliar twists and turns. HAPevolve, subsidiary of the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of PA, has gathered their experts in emergency preparedness and infection prevention to provide insight on identified key areas for organizations to consider while mapping their return to work plan to safely and successfully re-enter business operations:

  • Human factors
  • Administrative considerations
  • Operational considerations
  • Environmental considerations

HAPevolve Key Takeaways of this Webinar are to:

  • Introduce key considerations for employers
  • Discuss strategies to reduce virus transmission among employees
  • Tips for maintaining healthy business operations
  • Define importance of education and communication to employees
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy workplace environment

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Thomas Grace
HAPevolve Senior Consultant
Emergency Management Specialist

Margaret Miller
HAPevolve Consultant
Infection Prevention Specialist

Joe Tibbs
HAPevolve President

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