HAPevolve Solutions Spotlight: Maximize the Value of Your Used Assets

There are few hospitals that don’t have filled closets, basements, and warehouses with unwanted, used, and surplus items. These items could be making your organization additional revenue and freeing up precious storage space.

This week’s HAPevolveSolutions Spotlight features Smart Auctions offered by HAPevolve’s Endorsed Partner, Mazree.

Through Mazree’s Smart Auctions platform, health care organizations easily can list or redeploy their retired equipment or unwanted items for maximum value. The Mazree Smart Auctions platform allows for full transparency of buyers with fair bidding, avoiding risk of improper selling practices, and complete auditing of the entire bidding process. Mazree’s auction platform further reduces the need for locating buyers or managing trade-ins; just send all buyers to Mazree to bid, exposing items to national buyers and gaining full market value.

Simple and fully automated, you can list or buy online or through their mobile app available on iTunes and Google Play. Mazree gives your hospital the confidence of knowing your purchases are being made directly from health care providers. Its low fees provide the best value for your assets whether you’re buying or selling. This video demonstrates how your hospital can maximize your asset disposition program through Mazree Smart Auctions.

To learn more or to set up a demo, contact Lori Mulholland, HAPevolve’s regional account executive.


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