HAPevolve Welcomes New Industry Partner XFERALL to Address Behavioral Health Boarding and Overcrowded Emergency Departments (EDs)

HAPevolve, a subsidiary of The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) has partnered with XFERALL to address behavioral health boarding and overcrowded emergency departments (EDs). XFERALL expedites outbound patient transfers and accelerates inbound patient referrals with a feature rich electronic platform that streamlines and automates every step of the patient transfer process. XFERALL was created by a team of clinicians and healthcare professionals after discovering a drastic need for behavioral patients to be transferred to the appropriate facilities quickly and efficiently. On average patients seeking behavioral health care can spend hours to days in the emergency department waiting for the right placement.

XFERALL is a real-time, national behavioral health network that proactively matches patient needs to facility capabilities, connecting health care professionals to nearby facilities with the resources to treat patients’ specific conditions. The platform and companion mobile app can be implemented with any hospital and crisis response operation to convert the transferring of behavioral patients into a completely digitally streamlined process.

Health care facilities and states who have implemented the XFERALL solution have seen faster patient transfers and better patient care. Health care organizations have experienced lower costs and an 86% reduction in patient transfer times on average. Patient transfers coordinated via the XFERALL platform experienced an additional 25% decrease in 2022 compared to 2021 demonstrating consistent improvements expediting patient transfer intake process.

XFERALL creates efficient processes and eliminates hours of manual staff time needed for the process of transferring behavioral health patients to receiving hospitals. The program provides richer aggregated patient transfer data and frees up emergency department resources.

HAPevolve identifies and creates valuable partnerships with a variety of businesses serving the health care community. By negotiating with its industry and endorsed partners on behalf of the Pennsylvania hospital and health care community at large, HAPevolve can offer members special benefits and discounts on innovative solutions that can save them both time and money.

To learn more about XFERALL or implement the patient transfer system into your facility please contact Tucker Feltz or Jennifer Written, Senior VP of Government Affairs, or Lori Mulholland, HAPevolve’s director, business development.

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