HAPevolve Partners with CreditWorks to Help Staff Build Credit, Reduce Turnover

CreditWorks, an employee financial wellness benefits leader, has joined HAPevolve, a subsidiary of The Hospital and Health system Association of Pennsylvania (HAP). This newest Industry Partner offers a program, Credit4Work!, a voluntary benefit providing access to the keys to building better credit through affordable loans and financial wellness education.  

Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Credit4Work! allows a health care worker access to affordable loans and financial wellness education to not only provide financial relief, but also help build better credit for their future.  This employee benefit is free to employers and can help increase employee satisfaction and retention. According to CreditWorks, “Last year our program participants experienced a 19 percent lower turnover rate than the overall employer turnover for our employer clients—a savings of approximately $4.2 million to participating employers.”


Their goal is to expand the movement against predatory lending. Pennsylvania hospitals are already taking advantage of this program for their employees. 

HAPevolve identifies and creates valuable partnerships with a variety of businesses serving the health care community. By negotiating with its industry and endorsed partners on behalf of the Pennsylvania hospital and health care community at large, HAPevolve can offer members special benefits and discounts on innovative solutions that can save them both time and money.

To explore how CreditWorks can benefit your organization, contact Lori Mulholland, HAPevolve’s director, business development, or Jon Anderson, sales director, CreditWorks.

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