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Resource Directory

Across Pennsylvania, healthcare leaders have to be ready to respond to a crisis or hazard in an instant. A new resource from HAPevolve, in partnership with the LTC RISE (Long-Term Care Resiliency, Infrastructure Supports, and Empowerment), provides easy access to the local agencies available to assist you with hazard preparedness. 

The Resource Directory outlines the government and local emergency agencies and their capacity to support emergency hazard response to incidents such as active assailant threats, cybersecurity threats, fire, infectious disease outbreaks, infrastructure failure, utility interruptions, severe weather, and more. 

How to use the Resource Directory:

  1. Click on the Map iconin the upper righthand corner of the map to expand the map.
  2. Use the  icon to type in the address or use the Zoom in (+) or out (-) and drag the map as needed to isolate your location.
  3. Use the Hazards list to the left to choose the hazard(s) you are preparing for. Once selected, the corresponding resource icons will appear. (See key below map).
  4. Click on those resource icons to open contact information and details. 

*Please note, the directory is not to be used during an emergency. This is a tool to help users connect with local and regional resources in preparation of emergencies. 


Resource Icons

Ambulance icon Ambulance Service
Construction icon Construction
Disaster icon Disaster Service
Electric icon Electric Utility Company
Fire icon Fire Station

Emergency icon Emergency Management Agency
Gas icon Gas and Propane
Plumbing icon Plumbing
Police icon Police Department

Sanitation Service icon Sanitation Service
Septic System Service icon Septic System Service
State Health Center icon State Health Center
Waste Management icon Waste Management
Water Utility Company icon Water Utility Company

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