HAPevolve Partners with PURPLESUN to Provide Non-Chemical Infection Prevention Solutions

PURPLESUN, a health care technology company founded by experts in ultraviolet technology, biomedical engineering, and infection prevention, joins HAPevolve as an Industry Partner, providing its proprietary physics-based light technology known as Focused Multivector Ultraviolet (FMUV).

PURPLESUN has two products used for the purpose of disinfecting equipment and rooms with light convergence from all sides to create uniform energy that accelerates germicidal kill in 90–100 seconds with 99.99 percent efficacy using FMUV Shadowless Delivery. In addition, the E300 model allows for room occupancy while the equipment is in operation.

American Journal of Infection Control trials indicate that PURPLESUN outperforms chemical disinfection when comparing reduction of colony forming units. The trial found manual chemical disinfection was 38 percent effective, while PURPLESUN’s technology was 96 percent effective. 

HAPevolve identifies and creates valuable partnerships with a variety of businesses serving the health care community. By negotiating with its industry and endorsed partners on behalf of the Pennsylvania hospital and health care community, HAPevolve can offer members special benefits and discounts on innovative solutions that can save them both time and money.


To explore how PURPLESUN can benefit your organization, contact Joe Tibbs, HAPevolve’s president, or Christina Teves, PURPLESUN’s marketing consultant.

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