HAPevolve Partners with Caption Health, Leading the Way in Ultrasound Acquisition and Interpretation Through AI

Caption Health has joined HAPevolve as an industry partner. As a leading medical artificial intelligence (AI) company, Caption Health empowers health care providers with new capabilities to acquire and interpret ultrasound exams. Founded in 2013, Caption Health established a simple-but-powerful concept: use technology to emulate the expertise of highly trained medical experts and put that ability into the hands of every care provider.

Caption Health’s Food and Drug Administration-cleared, AI-guided ultrasound system, Caption AI, enables clinicians—including those without prior ultrasound experience—to quickly and accurately perform diagnostic-quality ultrasound exams by providing real-time guidance, automated quality assessment, and intelligent interpretation.

“Our ultimate goal is to improve cardiovascular health wherever we need to, and Caption AI is increasing access throughout the hospital to quality diagnostic images,” said Patrick McCarthy, MD, Chief of Cardiac Surgery and Executive Director of the Northwestern Medicine Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute.

“Caption AI provides clinicians with the ability to quickly and accurately perform potentially life-saving ultrasound exams where and when they are needed most. In particular, we are proud to assist those on the front lines of this pandemic who are risking their lives to care for patients,” said Charles Cadieu, CEO and Co-founder of Caption Health.

Caption AI emulates the expertise of a sonographer by providing real-time guidance on how to position and manipulate the ultrasound transducer on a patient’s body. The software shows clinicians in real time how close they are to acquiring a quality ultrasound image, and automatically records the image when it reaches the diagnostic-quality threshold. Caption AI also automatically calculates ejection fraction, the most widely used measurement to assess cardiac function.


Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has a number of benefits. Increased usage of POCUS contributes to more timely and accurate diagnoses and more accurate monitoring, and has been shown to lead to changes in patient management in 47 percent of cases for critically ill patients. Caption AI can bring these benefits to a number of clinical settings, from more timely and accurate diagnosis and monitoring in the intensive care unit, to improved perioperative management and fewer delays before surgery. It also enables health care workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic to rapidly assess cardiac function, reducing the risk of exposure for additional personnel and stretching limited resources.

For more information about Caption AI, clinicians can view the following resources:


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To explore how Caption Health can benefit your organization through their AI ultrasound solutions contact Joe Tibbs, HAPevolve’s president, or Ross Gwaltney, Caption Health, sales manager.

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