HAPevolve partners with Engooden Health to provide chronic disease management services to its members at scale.

Engooden Health, a company redefining chronic disease management, has joined HAPevolve, a subsidiary of The Hospital and HealthSystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP).  This newest industry partner offers scalable, technology-enhanced services to reach patients living with multiple chronic conditions between provider visits. Their approach is focused on rising risk patients – a significant population that is often difficult to reach. They are transforming the way care is delivered by providing consistent, trust-based patient engagement to larger patient populations.

By offering services to more patients without the need to take on additional risk, health systems working with Engooden can more effectively convert a larger portion of the patient population into well managed patients. Engooden care navigators help patients navigate the increasingly complex health care system. The level of trust and emotional connection they build helps them surface care gaps, insights, and opportunities for interventions that are difficult to uncover in a short office visit. This personalized service is attractive to patients, increasing retention in a competitive market, and improving physician satisfaction.

HAPevolve identifies and creates valuable partnerships with a variety of businesses serving the health care community. By negotiating with its industry and endorsed partners on behalf of the Pennsylvania hospital and health care community at large, HAPevolve can offer members special benefits and discounts on innovative solutions that can save them both time and money.

To explore how Engooden can benefit your organization, contact Lori Mulholland, HAPevolve’s director, business development, or Greg Denton, Engooden’s Enterprise Sales Director.

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